Frequently Asked Questions
How do I become a member of the Jamaican Bar Association?

ANS: One has to be an attorney at law to become a member. An application form must to be completed. It is then sent to our executive council for approval, if your application is approved you are notified by mail.

How do I know if I am a paid up member of the Bar Association?

ANS: If you or your company have paid your annual subscription fee.

What are the benefits if I become a member of the Bar Association?

Click Link to View Jambar Membership Benefits

Who is the current President of Jambar?

ANS: Mr. Alexander Williams

How do I join committees?

ANS: Send an email to the head/Chair(s) of the committee(s) you have an interest in.

Where is the office of the Jamaican Bar Association located?

ANS: The Jamaican Bar Association is located at 78-80 Harbour Street Downtown, Kingston

Who deals with matters of membership invoices, payments, refunds etc.?

ANS: The Administrative Department namely; Ms. Sandra Tapper, Ms. Antoinette Wilmot, Mrs. Karen Pellington

How do I pay for CLE Sessions?

ANS: Payment can be made online via our membership portal upon registering using debit/credit cards or at the offices of the Jamaican Bar Association using cash/card or cheques.

How do I pay my membership dues?

ANS:: As a member, you will be notified when your subscription is due along with and invoice for you to pay. Payment may be made at the offices of the Jamaican Bar Association 78-80 Harbour Street Kingston or made online. Further details on this can be found on the membership portal

Can I use a credit/debit card to pay?

ANS: Yes that is the preferred method of payment

What are the banking details?

ANS: With our new system you no longer need the banking details however in the event you do not utilize our online portable the banking information is as follows: –


The Jamaican Bar Association
Bank of Nova Scotia
Scotia Centre Branch, Corner Duke & Port Royal Street, Kingston
Account # 804256
Account type: Current
Transit number: 50765
Swift Code: NOSCJMKN

US Dollar Account:

Account Name: Jamaican Bar Association

US Bank Account# 507671676
Bank Name: Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Ltd. Scotia Centre Branch
Bank Address: Corner of Duke & Port Royal Street, Kingston.
Swift Code: NOSCJMKN

Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica intermediary Bank:
Bank Name: Bank of America
Address: 701 Brickell Avenue, Miami Florida 33131
Swift Code: BOFAUS3M
Routing # 026009593

Things to Note When Making Payment
If payment is being made on your behalf you must instruct the payee to write YOUR details on the banking transactions and NOT theirs. If this is not done, we may not be able to identify the payment as yours. All payment transaction details are to be emailed to the attention of Ms. Sandra Tapper jambarassoc@gmail.com and copied to the CLPD Director jbaclpddirector@gmail.com

What is my recourse if I pay and am unable to attend a session(s)?

ANS: You may either email or request that we hold the funds for transfer to another event or (in special cases) ask to watch a recording of the event.

Can I get a refund if I pay and do not attend an event?

ANS: No. All payment are non-refundable.

As a newly called attorney how many and types of credits do I need?

ANS: Each Attorney practicing for between 1-3 years is expected to earn twelve (12) credits per year of practice broken down as follows: – 4 credits in Ethics and Client Welfare, the remaining 8 requisite credits can be divided between General practice areas and Business Management & Finance

Does the JamBarCLE Committee have any major conferences? If yes how often?

ANS: CLE Committee of the Jamaican Bar Association hosts two major conferences each year. Our Mid-year conference which runs between May –June between 3 – 10 days and is held in Kingston. Our flagship event Annual November Weekend Conference is held over 4 days during the 2nd – 3rd week in November at a North Coast location.

Where are these events held?

ANS: At present due to the COVID19 pandemic these events are held virtually via The Jamaican Bar Association’s Zoom Platform.  Pre-covid they were held in Kingston and on the North coast respectively

Where can I find information on CLE events

ANS:  Information on our events may be found on our newly upgrade website and via notification from our Constant Contact Notice Board.?

How do I register for seminars/Webinars?

ANS: A flyer with all relevant details (including registration links) on each of our events is usually disseminated to your email. You simply click the link to register, each event has its own specific registration link. You will immediately after registering be sent a confirmation email from the “Jamaican Bar Association’s ZOOM Platform with the link to join the event. Please do not delete this email. A day or two before the start of the event you will be sent an email containing the code verification form specific to that webinar/session for you to complete and submit during or after the end of the webinar/session. Please look for this email in both your inboxes and spam/junk.

NB: Persons with a “Hotmail” address should endeavor to change the settings on their junk /spam mail to avoid messages being deleted after 10 days.

Can overseas attendees attend your events?

ANS: We accept attendees from anywhere in the world.

How long does a session last?

ANS: A Session depending on content, can last anywhere between 1-5 hours

How many credits do I receive per session?

ANS: Each one hour course allows an attendee who spends the minimum allowable time of an hour to receive one credit. That figure is increased by one for each hour of session. So for a two hour session you would receive 2 credits if you spend the minimum allowable time of 1 hour and 45 minutes – two hours.

How soon after the sessions end do I receive my Certificate of Participation?

ANS: COP’s are usually disseminated within 5-7 working days after the ending of the event.

What happens if I do not stay the full length of time in a session?

ANS: You would not then be eligible to receive the full amount of advertised credits.

How long do I need to be in a session to get credits?

ANS: For a one hour session the minimum allowable time to receive one credit is 45 minutes. For a two hour session the minimum allowable to time is 1 hour and 45 minutes for each three hour session the minimum allowable time is 2 hours and 45 mins. Each session gives you a 15 minutes grace period within which, you may enter the room once the session has started. If you enter the room after that 15 minute grace period is up, your remaining time in the session is calculated accordingly by the system.

How do I get my Certificate of Participation?

ANS: Your certificate is now system generated and is disseminated to your registered email address. Please ensure that the email you use to register for the sessions is the email you receive your mail. We also ask that when you are trying to locate your certificates you also check in your spam/junk folder.

What happens if I can’t find my mailed certificates?

ANS: you may contact the office for replacement copies at a cost of J$500 each. You may either have them emailed or you may visit the office and pick up your printed copies, however payment must first be made and confirmed.    

Is there a cost associated with replacing “lost/missing” certificates?

ANS: Yes J$500 per replacement copy

Who is in charge of CLPD matters?

ANS: The Director of Continuing Legal Education

If I do not received my certificate within 2 weeks after the ending of a session, how long after this time period can I request and receive my certificate?

ANS: Ideally between 1-3 months, any time after this you would need to pay J$500 for search and replacement.

Is there a cut off time for entry into a session?

ANS: For online events, You have a 15 minute grace period after the start of a session within which you may enter the room and your attendance be noted. For live in person events the cut off time is 30 minutes after the start of a session.

How are certificates disseminated?

ANS: Your attendance, payment and submission of codes is checked and verified by the system after which a certificate is created and system disseminated to your registered emails.

How is my attendance to an event verified?

ANS: Upon registering for an event a code verification email link is sent to your registered email. This form MUST be completed as instructed with the given codes and submit up to 48 hours after the ending of the event.

How do I submit codes?

ANS: Via a verification code from sent to you when you register.

Do I get a copy of the code submission form for my files?

ANS: Yes you do