Legal Reform

The Legal Reform Committee of the Jamaican Bar Association (“LRC”) has the following, inter alia, as its principal objectives –

  1. Consulting with members of the Bar and other stakeholders to ascertain which laws should be amended, enacted or repealed in the best interests of the legal profession in particular and the people of Jamaica in general.
  2. Recommending to the relevant authorities or bodies new laws, and/or amendments to existing laws, in order to correct errors, fill lacunae where they exist and improve the lives of the citizenry.
  3. Liaising with the relevant Parliamentary arm or personnel and obtaining copies of Bills to be debated by both Houses of Parliament and legislation enacted.
  4. Distributing Bills and/or legislation passed to the germane Committees of the Bar in order to inform our members, obtain comments etc. to assist the LRC as to the way forward.

René Gayle | Co-Chair

Lenroy Stewart | Co-Chair