Intellectual Property

The primary mandate of the Intellectual Property Committee of the Jamaican Bar Association is to ensure that the legislative, regulatory and policy framework for intellectual property (IP) in Jamaica remains current and relevant and that IP administration is streamlined, modernized and beneficial to clients and legal practitioners.


Accordingly, the Committee actively monitors IP developments locally and abroad, and where necessary, makes contributions in the form of Position Papers and comments and participation in working groups convened by Government in relation to aspects of IP. The Committee sees as part of its role, to educate the Bar and local interest groups on topical IP issues and legislative changes. Towards this end, members participate as presenters and speakers at various local seminars and also publish articles on the subject.


The Committee considers continuing legal education in the field of IP Law of paramount importance in light of the dynamism of the area, the active legislative agenda, and the high degree of influence international developments have on national law, policy and the practice of law. Its members are active in associations such as the International Trademark Association (INTA) and attend critical international and local seminars and conferences on IP to keep abreast of the changes.

Dianne Daley-McClure |Chair