Maritime Law

The Maritime Law Committee was established in October 2022 to provide a forum to promote the study and advancement of maritime law and jurisprudence in Jamaica with the input of local shipping law practitioners, academics and those with a background or interest in maritime law.


Maritime law is a niche practice area and the Committee will provide a clear and readily available platform from which to share information and network with the global shipping community in order to improve knowledge and awareness of the international and local shipping industry and ensure that Jamaican maritime lawyers are kept abreast of all developments in maritime law locally and internationally.


The Committee will also support the development and promotion of maritime law through the publication of articles and hosting of webinars and seminars as well advancing reforms in maritime law and admiralty jurisdiction.


The Committee will collaborate where possible with legal counterparts in other CARICOM countries and the wider English-speaking Caribbean to obtain an insight into the development of shipping law in the region as a whole.


The promotion of Jamaica as a legitimate player in the maritime arena is one of the aims of the Committee and it will also be a potential source of expertise and assistance to the Jamaican government with regard to the development and amendment of local legislation as it pertains to the field of maritime law.

Bert Smith | Chairman

Natalie Dabdoub | Vice-Chair